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30 conferences or information sessions since 2002
2 000 participants

Mélanie Broin
Agropolis International

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Committee Europe Agropolis

Managed by Agropolis International, this committee was created in 2002. It involves forty persons in charge of the follow up of European issues either in research and higher education organisations or in other organisations in charge of the local economic development. It meets every month.



  • Sharing information on European programs
  • Providing information to the scientific community, through:
    - Dissemination of latest news and of information on European issues and tenders
    - Organisation of conferences and information workshops
    - Management of a database on the participation of the scientific community to the European programs

Every year, the Committee Europe organises 3 to 6 conferences and information sessions.

More about information sessions (in French)




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Update on 5/06/18

Contact :

Mélanie Broin, Agropolis International

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