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Contribution to the science-society dialogue

In partnership with its member institutions, Agropolis International has been involved for many years in the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge towards general public and schools

The dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge includes all the actions popularizing the scientific knowledge, in order to allow citizens to appropriate this knowledge and thus, favour the dialogue science-society.


Disseminating scientific and technical culture is a major mission of research. Usually it is not well separated from related activities like scientific and technical information, communication or technology transfer..

Since 2006, Agropolis International has set up a working group for the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, which gathers the departments in charge of the scientific culture in each member institution. This group works together with other partners such as ConnaiSciences (Regional Centre for scientific, technical and industrial culture) or the Regional Centre for Pedagogical Documentation.

Agropolis International supports and is involved in the setting up of actions related to the scientific and technical culture in partnership with Montpellier city (participation in relevant scientific committees, promotion of common tools, dissemination of information…). Each year Agropolis International participates in the “Fête de la biodiversité” (events around biodiversity).






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