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Food-processing sectors and agricultural business park in Morocco

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Since 2002, Agropolis International has been acting as a technical coordinator in the framework of the decentralised cooperation to mobilize skills within the scientific community of Montpellier: skills related to fields and issues of interest to the Souss Massa Draa Regional Council and the Hérault General Council.


It aims at promoting a more balanced cooperation between the various stakeholders.

The actions led within the framework of the decentralised cooperation set up by the Hérault General Council focus on the sustainable agriculture in the Souss Massa Draa area (Southern Morocco).

Several actions are underway:

  • Technical support for the creation of a business park dedicated to agriculture, ‘Agrotech’ at Agadir;
  • Several reciprocal missions (in Agadir and in Montpellier) have been realised; an expertise was provided on choices and processes for the setting up of the Agrotech. The main objective of this structure is to support the development of connections between laboratories and companies;
  • Organisation of scientists and experts missions on argan tree or carob tree production. The objective is to encourage technical and scientific exchanges and bring support to facilitate technical aspects or organisation processes (management of plant nurseries, mastering of multiplication techniques, selection of varieties).

The publication of an Atlas on the argan tree (with the participation of CIRAD and Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire d'Agadir) is one of the latest achievements of this decentralised cooperation. This book which was jointly funded by the Souss Massa Draa Region and the Hérault General Council, is a major reference document on argan tree. It was designed for the scientific public and also for the general public: it gives an attractive overview of knowledge and works in this field.


A new cooperation agreement (2010-2011) has been signed in April 2010.

With a view to promote sustainable development, three main fields of actions have been selected:

  • Human and cultural area
  • Economical area
  • Water resources rationalization


Current actions operated by Agropolis International:

  • Human and cultural area
    • Support to producer organizations for the promotion of local products: training sessions for young producers, organization of a seminar in Montpellier , researchers and teachers exchanges, etc.
      In partnership with Montpellier SupAgro (Florac campus)
  • Economical
    • Technical support for the preventive control of locusts to protect agricultural lands in the Souss valley: training sessions for agronomist engineers, exchange of experiences.
      In patrnership with Cirad
    • School «Ecopter» on local Mediterranean products: training sessions for young Moroccan and French people born of immigration.
      In partnership with IAM.M.
      First session programme (June 2010)
      Second session programme ( November 2010 in Taliouine - Morrocco).
    • Technical support to the creation of an agricultural Science Park in Agadir.
    • Support to the creation of a "regional university incubator of the South (IRIS)".


Latest news

March 24, 2011

On March 14-16, Agropolis International has welcomed Mrs Idrissi and Boulgham within the framework of the action "Support to the creation of a regional university incubator of the South (IRIS)". They have met key players of the regional innovation process (Transferts LR, LRI, Qualiméditerranée, Minéa, Cap Oméga, AgroValoMed). A mission of Agropolis International members to Agadir is forecasted.


Update on 3/04/15

Mélanie Broin
Tel. : +33 (0)4 67 04 75 06

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