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10th thematic issue published by Agropolis International: ‘A Model laboratory without walls : the Brazilian Labex’

Updated on 09.03.10

This special publication devoted to ‘Partnership’ describes the teachings of seven years of functioning of Labex-Europe, a laboratory without walls set up in Montpellier by Embrapa, a Brazilian research institute. Embrapa and Agropolis International wish to share the achievements of this partnership. Since 2002, Agropolis International has been host to Labex and a facilitator for Embrapa and its local partners (CIRAD, INRA, IRD, …).

The Labex mission is to post senior Brazilian researchers in “cutting-edge” laboratories located in France and in Europe where they work on the issues they have selected.

The table of contents includes:

  • A Brazilian innovation,
  • The three themes addressed at Labex Europe,
  • International Advanced Biology Consortium,
  • Labex Europe: what French teams learned,
  • The challenges of coordination,
  • The prospects of Labex Europe,
  • Main publications,
  • The Labex and training,
  • The Euraxess Languedoc-Roussillon Centre.

Each issue of “Les dossiers d’Agropolis International” series is dedicated to a broad scientific theme; its objective is to provide a synthetic and easy access to the presentation of the skills and the potentiality available in this community, thus facilitating contacts for the development of scientific and technical exchanges and cooperations.

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Update on 3/9/10

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