Eric Fargeas
Director of Agropolis International


Agropolis International's interactions with civil society


Actions taken at the interface with civil society, contributing to the dialogue between scientists and citizens in societies where science and technology is omnipresent, but where its effects on those societies’ welfare are being called into question.

Action is taken in response to the concerns of the Association’s funding organizations (as citizens’ representatives) and members. Thus, the Association organizes or attends events for the general public, in particular those running concurrently with international scientific colloquia held in Montpellier and the surrounding area.

As a platform open to civil society stakeholders, the Agropolis International association is relying on the opportunities afforded by its members or partners and by the fact that Montpellier and the region host international scientific events to foster dialogue between scientists and the general public.

Agropolis International likewise supports its members and partners in their implementation of activities related to science culture or participatory science.


Creation of a venue for dialogue between science and society on food issues


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Update on 31/03/21

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