An outstanding scientific community in Montpellier and the Occitanie area (East side) on the Mediterranean coast of France and Europe, in the fields of agriculture, food, biodiversity and environment

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Thematic directories of the research and education skills available in Agropolis International member institutes

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About Agropolis International


It brings together over 40 member institutions, public authorities and civil society actors. Its core strength lies in its particularly diverse regional scientific base that is internationally recognized for its agriculture, food and environment research, including a specific focus on issues in the Global South.

3 missions


Facilitate Exchanges within scienfific communities


Foster science-Society dialogue


Support public policy


The association offers a range of services to support its members in their individual or collective projects:

  • Facilitation
  • Events
  • Rental of offices and spaces for hosting events
  • Project Engineering
  • Publishing
  • Communication
  • Visits
  • Executive Support

Plus d'information... Download the leaflet of Agropolis International (June 2020)


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Further information... The 4th International Conference on Global Food Security (04-07/12/20, Online event) brought together 920 participants from 75 countries

Further information... Montpellier's expertise in the spotlight!: Appointments for Thierry Lefrançois, Director of the CIRAD BIOS Department, Jean-Luc Chotte, IRD and Patrick Caron, Vice-President of the University of Montpellier and President of Agropolis International

Further information... A new institutional brochure for Agropolis International in line with a new roadmap, new ambitions

Further information... The event 'Bonding science and policy to accelerate food systems transformation' - In support of the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021 (04/02/21) brought together nearly 500 participants from over 60 countries

Further information... International agricultural research: presentation and signature of an Action Plan between France and the CGIAR 04/02/21

Further information... Discover the English version of the last issue of the series ‘Les dossiers d'Agropolis International' : 'Global health - People, animals, plants, the environment : towards an integrated approach to health' n° 25 (52 pages)

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More... International Fascination of Plants Day 2021 - Date: 18-05-2021 - Location: Europe

More... EEID2021 conference-18th Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases meeting - Date: 11-06-2021 to 14-06-2021 - Location: On line

More... 28th Conference Asic on Coffee Science - Date: 28-06-2021 to 01-07-2021 - Location: Campus La Gaillarde, Montpellier, France

More... MISS-ABMS 2021/ Multi-platform International Summer School on Agent-Based Modelling & Simulation for Renewable Resources Management - Date: 04-10-2021 to 15-10-2021 - Location: Cirad, Montpellier, France

More... AISH/ Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences - Date: 30-05-2022 to 03-06-2022 - Location: Montpellier, France

More... International conference 'Worldwide Perspectives on Geographical Indications' - Date: 12-07-2022 to 15-07-2022 - Location: Rome, Italy

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